Tree Surveying and Tree Inspections

Trees need to be managed to negate the risk of damage to property or harm to people who use the area in the event of them dropping branches or falling.

Trees can be affected by disease, become damaged and develop decay. This can be caused by their local environment, vehicles striking the trees, buildings blocking sunlight, fungal infection, wildlife interference and severe weather to name a few.

We can recommend tree management options by conducting tree inspections and surveys. A survey can detect potential defects and assess the extent of the risk.

We undertake the following types of tree consultation:

Tree Surveys

Tree Risk Assessments

Tree Reports

Tree Inspections

Planning Applications for Tree Works in a Conservation Area

Planning Applications for Works to Trees That Are Subject to Tree Preservation Orders

Our clients include:

Local Authorities, Town Councils, Parish Councils

Schools, Academies, Colleges

Property Management

Housing Associations

Leisure and holiday properties, holiday parks, campsites, holiday homes

Facilities Management

Industrial Estates, Commercial property

Country Estates

Areas covered:

We are based in South West England, we carry out tree consultation services in Somerset, Dorset, Wiltshire, Devon, Cornwall and further afield.


All tree owners or organisations responsible for trees have a duty of care for public safety, therefore they must take reasonable steps to maintain this.

Tree surveys can identify potential hazards and recommend remedial work.


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