Stump grinding

Tree long gone but left with an untidy tree stump? We have the machinery and skills to remove it.

Tree Stump Grinding and Removal

You can now easily clear these unsightly obstructions from your property by calling the experts from Howe Tree Surgery ltd. We have the proper equipment and expertise required to complete the job efficiently and at a competitive price. 

Based in Crewkerne on the Somerset, Dorset and Devon borders, we offer our stump grinding services to clients in the Yeovil, Bridport and Axminster areas.

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Removing a stump can make way for a new lawn, patio or maybe even a brand new flower bed! Take advantage of our exceptional tree and stump removal services today. You can be sure that you'll always receive the superior service and expert work you deserve when you choose us.

Our machines can get through most garden gates so most stumps are accessible. If you know the width and height of the stump(s) and if access is good we can provide a quote instantly. If you prefer us to view the stump(s) before quoting that is also no problem.

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